Choosing a health insurance plan isn't just hard, it's cruel.

Until the US revamps the healthcare system, and you no longer have to predict how sick your family will be this coming year, we hope that this calculator helps you navigate your insurance decision.

Family Members



Scenario: Great! (really healthy)

Expected Claims: $625

Name Premiums Out of Pocket All In
Bronze $4,837 $625 $5,462
Silver $9,702 $400 $10,102
Gold $12,101 $320 $12,421
Person PCPSpecialistUrgent CareOutpatientInpatientPregnancyFractureX-Ray/MRI
Adult 1
Adult 2
Kid 1
Kid 2

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Considerations for this health care calculator:

  • None of your data is stored - so it's only visible to you and goes away when you refresh the page.
  • This "simulates" your health care costs by adding up expenses over the year, taking into account individual & family deductible/out of pocket limits (i.e. when does co-insurance kick in / what is max $ capped at).
  • To save your results, you'll need to take a screenshot. In the future, I'll offer the ability to export data.
  • Things I'd like to add: out-of-network costs, prescriptions, & HSA savings. Let us know what you'd like to see!
  • There are a # of things I'd like to add to to make it easier to work with, but haven't had time yet. Sorry!