Piano accessories for when...

  • Your piano doesn't come with a stand

    AmazonBasics - Heavy-Duty Adjustable Keyboard Stand (~$40)

    • Double X design makes it more stable than single X options you'll find
    • Would have preferred a non-Amazon brand, but this got the clearest top marks for quality
  • Your piano doesn't come with a place to sit

    OnStage - KT7800+ Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bench (~$40)

    • X design allows easy setting of height per person
    • More comfortable and durable than the cheaper options out there
  • Your piano doesn't come with a sustain pedal

    LESHP - Sustain Pedal (~$20)

    • Works with all major keyboard manufacturers
    • Higher quality feel & quality than other best sellers on Amazon
    • You'll want a sustain pedal if seriously learning / playing
    • Most people won't need the 3 pedal system alternative to this
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